Poseidon has always prided themselves on being different – looking at things from new angles and finding new ways to solve old problems, improving but never copying. For more than 60 years that ambition has taken them from the first single hose regulator, the servo-assisted Jetstream and Xstream to the extraordinary Poseidon SE7EN+ rebreather.


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Originating from the cold and darkness of Sweden, tested in the roughest archipelago there is. Kraka is designed and developed to the highest level of detail, for operational work in critical and challenging situations at sea – where silence, low profile, accessibility, and agility are crucial for the mission’s success.

Try the latest Kraka including Kraka Hugin USV


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The SeaCross navigation system is a modular, scalable and fully integrated system specifically designed to meet the requirements for  operations in littoral, coastal and open waters. Born in Scandinavia, the SeaCross system was developed based on extensive operation of high speed crafts in this exceptionally demanding navigational environment.


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INVISIO is a global market leader within advanced communication and hearing protection systems. The company develops and sells advanced systems that enable professionals in noisy and mission critical environments to communicate and work effectively, while protecting their hearing.


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Safer, stronger, lighter, and faster. Minimizing the level of exposure to reduce operational risks. REBS got you covered with the most advanced solutions for boarding and entering. Making it easy to go to the heights you need to reach.

During the summit you can test the REBS collection of ladders, poles, hooks, MCS, diving equipment, launchers and ascenders.


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Onyx products and services are designed with challenging operations in mind. Developed by former special operators with decades of experience in the field, Onyx intelligent unmanned systems and versatile airborne solutions are made for like-minded organizations and individuals driven by passion and purpose.


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Golden Arrow Marine have a wide range of products from Rescue and Tactical Watercraft, Electric and hybrid propulsion, heavy duty diesel engines, Amphibious craft, High performance engines, All-Terrain Vehicles and Snowmobiles from the world’s top manufacturers including Sea-Doo, Can-Am, Lynx, Torqeedo, MAN, Volvo Penta and Sealegs.


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SUEX was founded in 2000 with the aim of producing high-performance underwater vehicles suitable for long-range technical and professional diving.

Nowadays the SUEX Advanced Diving Vehicles (ADV) definitely represent the cutting-edge technology within the underwater mobility, combining safety, reliability and maneuverability. Several devices and a full range of accessories are available.
Years of unrivaled know-how, improvements, testing and production of the SUEX diver propulsion systems is highly appreciated worldwide and make SUEX the undisputed leader in the underwater diving propulsion market.


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PPE & flotation solutions for elite military and law enforcement teams allowing them to focus on conducting high-risk missions requiring specialized training and equipment.

For 55 years Mustang Survival has been engineering high-performance marine gear for military, coast guard, rescue personnel and law enforcement. With a focus on applied research and field testing, we’re committed to the protection and enhancement of those who push themselves to extremes. We build gear that saves lives and enhances performance.


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STEED is an all-terrain, electric payload mobility platform which is tactically silent, has zero emissions and can carry up to 500 lbs. 15-30 miles over difficult terrain. This commercial machine is manually guided by a single operator using a thumb throttle and enables the carriage of diverse payloads using a versatile load deck.


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Taiga develops military clothing and uniform systems for military’s special forces operating under difficult conditions, everything from the scorching heat of the desert to the freezing rawness of the mountain range. Our clothing systems and proprietary camouflage gear meet the NIR and IRR requirements for military operations and help keep you dry, warm and secure, allowing you to focus on your mission, regardless of the elements. Learn more about our Military products here.


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Mimer Systems specialise in low weight gyro-stabilised products with main focus on low energy consumption, true portability and modularity. During the Marine Innovation Summit the smallest T-500 model can be tested as an integrated part of Kraka Jet Board – Hugin USV.


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Wing is a USA based manufacturer of Combat Rubber Raiding Crafts, using state-of-the-art materials and technology to deliver a tougher and longer lasting boat.


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Spectre Marine offers a broad range of high-speed craft training such as high-speed navigation, maintenance, boarding, interception, radar and much more. Sailors don’t pray for a following wind; they know how to sail. There’s a lot of truth in that wise old Swedish saying. But sailors have to know a lot more than just plain sailing.


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ROTINOR GmbH is a German company located in Stuttgart. The ROTINOR DPD, is a compact hand carried submersible which will enable the combat-diver the ability to transport himself and his equipment over long distances with less time exposed to open water resulting in a reduced level of fatigue, extra endurance and an increased time available in the mission area.


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Dive and go further than anyone else. Overcoming borders. Outer-Limits is focused on developing tactical diving dry suits and submersible bags. Only if you are prepared to walk outer the limits you will be able to get the perfect result.


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Boomeranger Boats slogan ”Safe Returns” means that no operation is successful until a safe return. Every Boomeranger is tested and designed and built for extreme conditions.

The Boomeranger Boats are widely used by Navies, Marines, Special Forces, and other professional users worldwide. Since widely deployed, Boomerangers are often spotted in action in international military and peacekeeping operations.


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Equipnor is a a center of competence within personal tactical equipment, with tactical diving equipment being their core business. During the summit they will have their latest vest available for in-water trials.


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SubSea Craft is a UK-based technology SME with a mission to deliver the competitive edge in maritime technology.  Instead of being a requirements-based company, SubSea Craft is rather a product-focused enterprise, delivering what the market needs. With innovation as a bedrock, SubSea Craft has created the flagship product VICTA, which is a diver delivery craft capable of high-speed surface transit and rapidly transitioning to a wet, subsurface mode for onward covert delivery of operators and/or equipment. 


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Halite consist of ex-military with special operation background and designers/developers with outdoor, climbing and expedition expertise. Their is to build better and more secure solutions for people traveling in wet or sandy elements. Halite supplies dry-, diving- and sleeping for everything from Maritime Operations to expeditions in arctic waters and climbing in the Himalayas.


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SKYLOTEC’s team of ex-service and industry members along with its supporting partners, can supply complete access solutions for marine counter-terror (MCT) or visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS) operations covering both diving and RIB based applications.


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Shearwater Research is fueled by passion and vision for Powerful, Simple and Reliable dive computers and rebreather electronics.  Shearwater dive computers and rebreather controllers and monitors deliver the information you want, when you need it, menu selections with reasonable choices, and require as few button pushes as possible to execute the mission during stressful underwater situations.  Shearwater computers improve the mission for divers everywhere.


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Waterproof Diving International, a Swedish company located in Gothenburg, is globally recognized for the design and manufacture of high-end diving suits and associated products for Special Forces applications.

They work closely together with professional users to understand their priorities and needs. The high performance suits available for testing at the Marine Innovation Summit has evolved from 40 years of R&D experiences combined with user expectations and feedback.

For the military market, Waterproof has a wide range of products for underwater operations, available for all climates globally, and they are ready to take more onboard.


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Born from Combat, not Silicon Valley, Equitus is a Military Intelligence Software system that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to fuse together information. This provides the analyst insights and patterns not obvious to the human eye. The system automatically creates human network link charts and other visualization tools that give operators a competitive advantage on the battlefield.


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