Rune Gjeldnes – Beyond the Poles


Rune is a former Marine Special Forces Operator from Norway, and now Arctic Adventurer.

After the world’s worst ski trip across the Arctic Ocean, Rune Gjeldnes took on the whole of Antarctica with the world’s longest ski trip: A full 4804 kilometers across the Antarctic.

It just wasn’t enough for Rune to become the first person to traverse Greenland lengthways 3000 km unsupported, or to be the first to cross the North Pole by way of Siberia to Canada unsupported in 109 days. He wanted more.

The world’s most inhospitable continent, the Antarctic lay waiting. This time he went alone to follow and fulfill an old dream, his dream of Antarctica. He wanted to be the first person in the world to cross both Poles unsupported. It became the world’s longest ski trip when he broke the old record with a full 1000 km. 

The keynote speech is Rune’s open-hearted and honest account of his adventures, dreams and longings. Tips and ideas for how to survive and adapt to cold climates. About setting a goal, sticking to it and being true to the dream. And to never, ever give up.

March 22nd


09:00-10:00:                Registration

10:00-10:15:                 Opening speech & practical info

10:15-11:30:                  Keynote speaker – Ret. SF Operator and now Arctic Adventurer

11:30-11:45:                  Coffee break

11:45-12:30:                  Partner companies – Solutions and innovations, 5 min each

12:30-13:15:                  Lunch

13:15-14:10:                  Partner companies – Solutions and innovations, 5 min each

14:10-16:30:                    Outdoor testing & exhibitor area

16:30-16:55:                 Speaker – Airborne Ops in Cold Climates & Waters

16:55-17:20:                 Speaker – Li-Ion Batteries in Cold Environments

17:20-19:00:                 Networking, beer & snacks

19:00-21:00:                 Dinner with Arctic Theme

23:00-                             Night food, typical Swedish – hotdog & choco milk


March 23rd


08:30-08:45:                MIS summary, agenda for the day, practical info

08:45-09:10:                 Speaker – Clothing in Harsh Maritime Environments

09:10-09:35:                 Speaker – Boat Ops in Cold Water

09:35-10:00:                 Speaker – K9 in a Marine & Cold Climate

10:00-12:00:                 Outdoor testing & exhibitor area

12:00-13:00:                 Lunch

13:00-15:00:                 Outdoor testing & exhibitor area

15:00-15:45:                 Panel discussion – between industry and end users

15:45-16:00:                 Closing speech